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A traditional country pub with a welcoming beer garden and a roaring log fire for chillier days.

It's here you'll find mighty fine ale and great company!


Saturday 12pm till 10pm

Sunday 12pm till 9pm


Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 5pm till 10pm

Thursday 5pm till 10pm

Friday 5pm till 11pm

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The Wheatsheaf Beer House

We are a free-house, traditional family-run pub that offers a genuinely warm welcome.

Beer is the backbone of any good pub. We average about 100 different ales each year, and generally have three ales on at any one time. These are gravity fed to ensure that they are served to you in perfect condition. We also usually have one or two 'real' ciders. 


Britain is rediscovering, that some really good things are not mass-produced, pre-packaged, hysterically advertised, or celebrity-promoted. One of those things is real ale.  If some people think that the stereotype of the real ale drinker is a matted beard, stained cardigan and a huge beer belly, they really need to get out more. Our real ale customers don’t look like that, not one bit!

However, it’s not just about the beer, we’ve by no means got a cocktail lounge but we can make you a splendid Bloody Mary or the quintessential G&T (we’ve loads of gins to choose from). We’re a dab hand at mixing any combination of the classics, and if your persuasion is of the non-alcoholic variety - we’re really rather good at that too!



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