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Our Food

Unfortunately, the Kitchen is still under construction. It will be several weeks before we can offer a full food menu. When we do, it will be the same as before. High quality, home-cooked, locally sourced, traditional pub grub.

When we are back to normal.
Our menu will change frequently and each meal will be cooked with love and packed full of flavour. You’ll find classic rural country pub classics, as well as a sprinkling of seasonal dishes to tempt your tastebuds. All of our produce is sourced from local suppliers, and combined with our well-stocked bar (which obviously includes mighty fine ales and great wines) you’ll be in for a tantalising treat.

We’re not pretentious, our meals don’t come with fancy napkins served on bone china plates. If we don’t know who grew it, or where they grew it, we just don’t use it. We don’t use packets, everything is homemade, our eggs are super fresh from our very own chickens, our meat is supplied from a local butcher, and even our vegetables are packed with the flavour of Suffolk. What you get is good honest food and plenty of it, and we’re really accomodating. Not enough chips or gravy? Then let us know and we’d be delighted to offer you a bit more, free of charge.

We are able to provide a simple menu for the time being.



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