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 Fundraising 2023

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The Tattingstone Wheatsheaf is raising money for Suffolk Mind again this year. We have come up with some exciting events in support of this.

Visit our Just giving page and donate what you can to this worthy cause.

Find out more about Suffolk Mind

Here is a list of our fundraising events for 2023

Mind Your Games Night

No computer games here just your old-fashioned board and parlour games. If you enjoy playing games and having a chat then this is the evening for you. There will be different games throughout the night to enjoy.


Mind Your Pie Competition

It’s as it says, make a pie and enter the competition. As National Pie Week comes to an end we celebrate all things Pie. 

Mind Your Bonkers Bingo, Bangers, & Beer Night  

This promises to be a night of madness! Play Bingo whilst tasting different bangers as you quaff a variety of great beers. As a warm up to the BBB Festival, we stay inside for this mini celebration of food and drink.


MAY - Monday 1st - Mind Your Mini Show Garden  

JUNE - Thursday 1st - Mind Your Botanicals 

JULY - Fri 14 | Sat 15 | Sun 16 - Beetroot, Beer & Blues Festival 

AUGUST - Saturday 26th - Mind Your Annual Boules

AUGUST - Sunday 27th - Mind Your Botanical Judging & Mixed Up Boules

AUGUST - Monday 28th - Mind Your Charity Bike Ride

NOVEMBER - Saturday 11th - Mind Your Quiz Night

DECEMBER - Friday 15th - Mind Your Christmas Quiz Night With Geoff and Andrea

DECEMBER - Christmas Eve Mind Your Christmas Walk

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